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Bikecraze - Elevating Your Ride Experience

By: :scott jagow 0 comments
Bikecraze - Elevating Your Ride Experience

Brand Summary: Bikecraze - Elevating Your Ride Experience

At Bikecraze, we aren't just a store; we're a movement, a community, and a destination for all biking enthusiasts. Established in 2010 as a division of Jag Brands LLC, Bikecraze is at the forefront of the electric bike revolution, nestled in the heart of Southern California.

Our Story: Founded by Sheri and Scott Jagow, Bikecraze began as a passion project in a garage in 2003. Sheri, a seasoned executive with 15 years in automotive and hospitality, started by selling kids' clothing and evolved into a hub for active sports gear. Recognizing a growing demand for reconditioned bikes, the garage venture expanded into a 3,000 sq. ft. warehouse, giving birth to Bikecraze in 2010. Scott, with 25 years in advertising and marketing, joined the journey, propelling Bikecraze ahead of industry trends.

The Bikecraze Experience: Step into our warehouse environment, where the air is filled with the excitement of innovation and camaraderie. Unlike traditional bike shops, Bikecraze is a clubhouse – warm, inviting, and buzzing with the shared love for biking. Our online presence at mirrors this ethos, offering a seamless extension of the in-store experience.

Product Range: Discover the thrill of biking with our carefully curated selection of 15 top electric bike brands. From cutting-edge technology to traditional biking essentials, we cater to every rider's unique taste and budget. Bikecraze is not just a store; it's a haven for those seeking a diverse range of options in the electric bike realm.

Our Vision: Bikecraze is more than a retail establishment; it's a dynamic force driving the future of biking. We're on the verge of expansion, with plans for brand development, private label branding, and even exploring franchise opportunities. Our commitment is to be ahead of the curve, predicting and shaping the trends in the electric bike industry.

Transparency and Growth: We believe in transparency and growth. Our funding roadmap outlines our vision for the future, ensuring that our community of riders has a direct hand in shaping Bikecraze's destiny. From private label brands to potential mergers and acquisitions, we're paving the way for an electric bike empire.

Join the Bikecraze Movement: Whether you're a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of biking, Bikecraze welcomes you. Embrace the freedom of the open road, the thrill of cutting-edge technology, and the warmth of a community that shares your passion. Bikecraze - where every ride is an adventure, and every adventure is shared. Let's ride into the future together.

If you would like more information about Bikecraze, our products and plans for expansion... Contact, or call 714-744-0266