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XERO2 Electric Bikes

XERO2 Fly R Extended Range Electric Cafe'-Racer Style Bike


Introducing the XERO2 FLY-R: Your Ultimate Extended Range eBike ExperienceUnlock the thrill of long-distance riding with the XERO2 FLY-R, our high-performance eBike designed for maximum fun and convenience. Experience the freedom of up to 35 miles on a single charge, courtesy of its robust 750-watt hub motor and a substantial 19.2 amp hour battery. CLASSIFICATION: Class2 FRAME: Steel WEIGHT: 70...

XERO2 Fly-S Electric Cafe-Style Cruiser Bike


Introducing the XERO2 FLY-S: Your Ultimate Everyday eBike Discover the XERO2 FLY-S, the all-day, every day standard in electric biking. This class-2 eBike is expertly designed for your daily commute and leisure rides, offering a seamless blend of style and performance. CLASSIFICATION: Class2 FRAME: Steel WEIGHT: 67 lbs WEIGHT LIMIT: 250 lbs SEAT HEIGHT: 28.5” SEAT TYPE: Single passenger HEADLIGHT:...

XERO2 Fly+ Large Cafe Racer Style Extended Range Electric Bike


Go the Extra Mile: Xero2 Fly + Cafe Racer - Stylish Cruising with Extended Range Introducing the Xero2 Fly + Cafe Racer, a premium electric cruiser bike with a distinctive design inspired by the super 73 style. Elevate your riding experience with its unique features, extended range, and exceptional performance.Key Features:Distinctive Design: Embrace the sleek and stylish Cafe Racer design,...